About HD Forest

HD Forest is the largest private independent manager and developer of responsible forests in the three Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


HD Forest is present with local management and employees in all three markets and has been active in the Baltic States since 1998. HD Forest offers a broad field of services within forest management and management of forest investments for private as well as for institutional investors. HD Forest’s forest management is built on recognised practise and local expertise, and financial reporting to the forest owners is built on the auditing standards in force at the time in question.

HD Forest is a part of Hedeselskabet and HedeDanmark a/s

HD Forest is a subsidiary of HedeDanmark a/s, which is an international service and trading enterprise in the green area. HedeDanmark a/s is owned by the association Hedeselskabet. Hedeselskabet has more than 150 years of experience in forestry. In the 19th century, the widespread heaths were cultivated and reforested thanks to Hedeselskabet. Since then, the company has gained a deep understanding of the forest and the needs of the forest owner.



HD Forest advises on forest management, provides promotion and brokerage services relating to the sale of forest areas and advises on acquisition of forest areas. Annual returns may vary, and an investment in forest areas could lead to a loss of all or part of the capital invested. HD Forest is not liable for any tax consequences associated with investments in forest areas, and investors are therefore advised to seek professional advice from a lawyer and/or an accountant.