Programme for field trip to Latvia
9-10 May 2024

If you consider investing in forestry, the opportunities in the Baltics are good. Here, the price for an acre of forest is considerably lower than is the case in Northern Europe. Forest investment in the Baltics provides a long-term and stable return and the risk is low. The well-developed infrastructure also ensures access to the global market. The Baltic forest industry is characterised by state-of-the-art sawmills and veneer factories, exporting globally. Travel with us to Latvia to experience the opportunities:


8 May 2024

Flight to Riga:
You book and pay for your own flight ticket to Riga Airport.

We book your hotels and send the booking details to you to pay yourself.

9 May 2024

  • 08:00: Departure from Hampton by Hilton Riga Airport
  • 10:00: Forest visit at Vidzeme
  • 13:00: Lunch 
  • 14:30: Forest visit near Ropazi
  • 18:00: Arrival in Riga
  • 19:00: Dinner hosted by HD Forest

10 May 2024

  • 08:00: Departure from hotel
  • 09:00: Industry visit - Latvijas Finieris factory in Riga (Bolderaja)
  • 13:00: Lunch
  • 14:30: Latvian forest research center forests near Jelgava
  • 17:00: Arrival at Riga Airport 

Flight from Riga:
You book and pay for your own flight ticket from Riga Airport.

You will receive the final agenda prior to the field trip.

Practical information

Practical information regarding the field trip to Latvia 9-10 May 2024:


You book and pay for your own flight tickets.


We book your hotels and send the booking details to you to pay the costs yourself.


HD Forest will provide bus transportation during the trip at our expense.


Food and beverage
HD Forest will provide food and beverage throughout the trip at our expense (from start of the program to the end of the programme).

Bring a friend

Bring a friend
Feel free to bring a partner or a friend along our trip. You will pay flight tickets and accommodation for your travel partner as well.

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HD Forest advises on forest management, provides promotion and brokerage services relating to the sale of forest areas and advises on acquisition of forest areas. Annual returns may vary, and an investment in forest areas could lead to a loss of all or part of the capital invested. HD Forest is not liable for any tax consequences associated with investments in forest areas, and investors are therefore advised to seek professional advice from a lawyer and/or an accountant.