Reasons to invest in Baltic forestland

HD Forest has a track record of more than 20 years in the Baltics and has become the largest independent forest manager covering all three Baltic countries.

There are numerous good reasons to invest in Baltic forestland. On this page we have summarized some of the best reasons. 

Attractive return of 5 - 7 % going forward

  • Value is primarily based on mature timber and capital appreciation in young stands
  • Return is stable and predictable based on biological growth
  • High demand for wood products locally and globally
  • NOT dependent on subsidies, hunting, financial gearing or amenity values
  • Based on more than 20 years of experience
  • Net of all costs

Low risk

  • Operational risk: flexibility in timing of harvest, trees keep growing regardless of financial situation, HD Forest track record
  • Biological risk: small properties spread geographically, resilience of semi-natural mixed forests
  • Political risk: safe place to do business, high transparency rating, modern legislation, EUR, EU and NATO

Long term perspective

  • Green sustainable resource, PEFC/ FSC certified and modern balanced forestry legislation
  • Suitable for pension savings and generational/succession planning
  • Upside on land prices and further industry development

HD Forest has been offering seamless forest management service in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since 1998. As such, we are the oldest and largest independent forest manager covering all three Baltic countries. Investments are organized in a simple and transparent set-up where you as investor own your own forest and have full decision power over your investment. 

Baltic forestry investments offer attractive return due to

  • Stable and predictable growth
  • Capital appreciation from undervalued younger crops
  • Quality timber
  • Strong demand for timber from local industry
  • Low operational risks in forestry
  • Modern infrastructure

HD Forest advises on forest management, provides promotion and brokerage services relating to the sale of forest areas and advises on acquisition of forest areas. Annual returns may vary, and an investment in forest areas could lead to a loss of all or part of the capital invested. HD Forest is not liable for any tax consequences associated with investments in forest areas, and investors are therefore advised to seek professional advice from a lawyer and/or an accountant.   

Tax differences
There are some tax and legal differences between the Baltic States. Contact us to know more.

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