Our services

We take care of everything regarding your forest investment:
From buying the forest to the financial reporting. Our forest management service is flexible, transparent and accountable.

HD Forest offers a seamless management for forest investments across the three Baltic States. We take care of the entire process from acquiring the forest properties, managing the forest and sales of timber products – to book-keeping, financial reporting and management of bank accounts.

Purchasing of properties and on-going book-keeping is managed through client-owned local companies. Our accounting and financial reporting are transparent and robust to the highest level of scrutiny, as required by institutional investors.

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Overview of services

  • Company set-up and administration
  • Property analysis and cash-flow projections
  • Property acquisition
  • Comprehensive forest management
  • Marketing of timber
  • Book-keeping and financial reporting
  • Annual appraisal of investment

Company set-up and administration

Usually, we establish a limited company in the Baltic State where you wish to invest. Your new limited company will then buy forest properties to the extend defined be your investment amount. We will then manage your forests and administrate your investment from our local Baltic offices.

Property analysis and cash-flow projections

Your forest properties consist of different stands containing different tree species in different ages and qualities. Some of the stands are mature and can be harvested at any time. Other stands are young and you can project when it will be ready for harvesting and what value it will have.

This makes us able to make a full analysis of your entire property with projections on how the cash-flow will be in the coming years.

Property acquisition

We facilitate the purchase of available forest properties on the market. You can be highly involved in the buying process, selecting your own properties, or you can leave it completely to HD Forest.

Comprehensive forest management

HD Forest is a professional forestry company. We are experts within this field and will thus provide you with exquisite forest management with the highest possible yield. During our 25 years of experience we have obtained a strong cooperation with the local contractors performing the forest operations for us. This secures effective management – but also the right management, as all our managed forests are certified by recognized forest certification systems.

Marketing of timber

We administer all sales of the different timber assortments arising from the management of your forest.

Sales of timber is an important factor regarding the return of your investment; thus it is important to secure the best possible sale of the timber produced in your forest. We negotiate the best possible prices with the Baltic timber industry, which is a strong and modern timber industry – securing a beneficial sales position in the future.


Book-keeping and financial reporting

You can rely on us taking comprehensively care of all administration regarding your forest investment. We provide book-keeping, financial reporting, and we will even manage your bank account for you, if you wish so.

Annual appraisal of investment

Yearly we assess the value of your forest properties. The estimate is based on the current sales trend of comparable forests. The annual appraisal serves as a part of the return of your investment - making it clear for you how much your investment grows in value year by year.

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Still curious?
Join our field trip!

If you want to learn more about Baltic forest investments, and you want to experience forestry with your own eyes, we highly recommend you to join us on one of our comprehensive field trips, where we visit Baltic forest properties and the supporting wood processing industry. You will be able to ask all the questions you need and also link up with other interested investors.

Learn more about the possibility for a field trip here.