How to use our client portal

The client portal improves the communication and reporting between HD Forest and our clients.

The portal is used for our regular and annual reporting to you. At the same time, the portal serves as an archive for previous reporting, contracts and updated property lists.

The portal can be reached by using this link:

The portal is based on Microsoft SharePoint. If you are already using SharePoint or have established a Microsoft account, you will be directed directly to the portal.

If not, you should link your e-mail account to Microsoft’s logon system by clicking on the “Sign up now” field when you are directed to the Microsoft logon-site (see below). Once you are there, please follow the instructions on establishing a Microsoft account based on your existing e-mail.

If you don't have a Microsoft account already: click

If you don't have a Microsoft account already: click "Sign up now":

In the future, documents will be uploaded by HD Forest according to our reporting policies. You will receive an e-mail from the portal when new documents are uploaded with a link to the most recent documents.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing problems, have questions or want someone else to get access to the portal. 

We hope you will find the new portal useful and easy to access.