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A short introduction to Lithuania.


Lithuania has the largest population of the three Baltic states, at 3.2 million, over an area of 65,300 square km. Lithuania joined the EU in 2004. GDP growth is approx. 2.6 %. Lithuania introduced the Euro in 2015. Corporation tax is 15 %. The language spoken is Lithuanian.


Lithuania is well-known for agricultural investment opportunities as well as forestry.



There is 2.1 million ha of forestland in Lithuania, 33 % of the land area. Of the forestland 33 % is privately owned. Since the 1st January 2003 the forestland area has increased by 128,000 ha (2 % of total forest area). Commercial forests make up 70 %, while the rest is under some level of protection. The forest sector's contribution is 3.8 % to the total GDP. 



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