Success at the annual Forestry competitions

HD Forest participated at the annual forestry competitions from the 17–18 of June in Järvselja, Estonia. Some of our staff showed excellent skills during the days.

People related to forestry gathered in Järvselja to compete in different kinds of forest related competitions including a quiz, forest planting contest, foresters’ competition and hunters’ competition.

Our forester Tõnu Talur participated in the foresters’ competition and got third place with 88,6 points. First place had 94,6 points. Also, our foresters Tõnu Talur and Villu Lukk participated at the hunters’ competition as a team, where they got second place. Congratulations to our well-qualified foresters and we wish them an accurate eye and knowledge in the future as well!

Also professional championships were held for men and women, who are competing on a professional level in different categories including precision sawing and changing a saw chain on time. There were participants from several countries.

Besides all of these competitions there was also room for some fun and entertainment. In the evening a band performed live and on the second day there were several activities like volleyball, football, competition on wooden skis and different sauna experiences.

See the entire program and the result lists of the Forestry competitions 2022 here.

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