Owning a forest property is an emotional and financial investment

Owning a forest property is an emotional and financial investment. Initial steps, what a new forest owner should think about!

Every forest property has a value, which a potential forest owner at the beginning might not now. Have you thought about owning a forest property and plant a few trees; owning one, but do not know what to do with it - read this article, it might give you some ideas!

Plant a tree - seems a simple task? But when we are talking about planting a new forest, then this is a process that needs planning and knowledge. There are different stages and activities for growing a healthy, vital new generation of trees. First thing is to set the goals - future expectations. As is the case with every new beginning, growth and the development of a new generation of trees is an exciting process and it takes time, results are not seen within a few days. So, before starting anything - think, plan and then act!

Forest owner! Do you know the first steps to take before planting on your property? 
Here are some tips, to think about:
  • Overview of owned property
  • a. Soil moisture - is it wet or sandy?
  • b. What trees were growing on that area in the past?
  • c. Has there occurred any damage (caused by animals, insects etc.)?
  • Is the planting work necessary or will nature do its work? 
  • Did you know that the tree roots in a felled aspen or alder stand will immediately begin to grow intensively resulting in vegetative young forest on the entire area? In this case, the forest owner will get a similar new hardwood forest without additional costs and activities. But you should know that. Without previous experience or knowledge the forest owner might not know that and will choose the planting option.
  • Desired forest composition.
  • Selection of plants: potted plant or bare root?
  • Hectare coverage – different species need different number of trees per hectare.
  • Soil preparation.
  • Maintenance of planted trees.
Every successful process starts with a plan, so it is with planting a new generation of trees. If nature does not meet the wishes of the forest owner, or the forest owner wants to design his / her own forest composition - planting is needed. Planting could be done in the spring or in the autumn. Depending on the plan, plants should be booked / ordered at least half a year before the work on the property (winter or spring). Before booking plants from the nursery, it is relevant to investigate what tree species are suitable for your property. This is based on the site type conditions (moist or sandy), it is definitely important to plant the right tree species - then the outcome will please the owner. 
Before planting it is important to prepare the soil for the plants to help the planted trees. This is done by special machines and will give at least 2 years’ advantage for the planted trees. When the soil is soft, the luscious herbaceous vegetation does not suffocate newly planted small trees. After the trees are planted, the forest owner should take some time for maintenance works: mowing the grass around the trees / cutting bushes etc. to give more space and light for small trees.
This is just a breif description of one selection of tasks, that are relevant in connection with forest management. Owning a forest property or having a wish to own one, does not necessarily mean, that the owner should have forest education and knowledge. A smart forest owner asks for help from specialists - and why not from HD Forest? HD Forest is dedicated in helping forest owners to have the best outcome of their owned properties by giving advise not only for one activity, but for a longer period. 
Need further information, use the following options (click on the link or send an email): HD Forest or nigul@hdforest.com

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