HD Forest standing timber prices for September 2023

HD Forest records standing timber prices by assortment in the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Please see the current average timber prices in Lativa, Estonia and Lithuania (from September 2023).

Property market:
Last quarter we saw more offers coming to market. Prices are at a similar level as a year ago, but 10-20 % lower than six months ago. At the same time, number of deals are still very low. In Estonia the main buyers are local investors, in Latvia Swedish investors. Probably low SEK has some influence to the market, too. Generally, investors are careful.

Timber market:
We can sell timber without problems. Prices are 10-20% higher than the average of the last 10 years. Good prices are especially for pulp and firewood. Sawlog prices are challenging. Generally, the industry has difficulties because of the conjuncture on the European market.


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