Forest Management – Forest Greetings from HD Forest!

Summer has flown by all too soon, and it is time to start thinking about autumn’s work in the forest or take the first steps to become a forest owner.

Hopefully, this article will create a little interest and questions! 

Forest Management is a diverse field of activities, which include growth of the trees, planning of forest activities, protection of the forests and species, use of yield provided  by forest stands etc. All activities should be conducted prudently and sustainably - to protect our forests and leave the benefits for future generations. It is important to maintain balance between social, cultural, economic, and natural values. Of course, all mentioned facts above need a careful eye and recommendations from an educated forester! 

Our motto is „nature is our partner“. In HD Forest, we do not take anything for granted - sustainable forest management goes along with hard work, dedication, and knowledge - results are seen in the achieved goals and fulfillments. Forestry is not as simple as ABC, black or white - every decision should be based on the current environmental conditions and every step should be based on the gained experience, practice, co-operations etc. In HD Forest we value all those previously mentioned factors, and our clients can be sure, that their properties are well and sustainably managed.

It is understandable, that daily questions may arise as to why something is conducted that way. Few examples of the questions, which we have heard during the years in forestry: why trees are felled; why we should plant; when we should plant and how many trees per hectare; why there are single trees left after clear-cuttings; why young trees are felled; should I invest in Baltic forests; what procedures and regulations we follow; how can I setup business in the Baltics; why should I certify my forest; what is the outcome of the forest etc. 

All those questions and more can be answered by the HD Forest’s specialists, who have years of practice and are well-educated in forestry and other fields of activities. Look at HD Forest’s website and for further questions, please see the contacts and do not hesitate to ask a question! 

Kristi Nigul
HD Forest Client Relation Manager and METSAlahendused Manager
E: nigul@hdforest.com


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