Field trip to the Baltics in September 2022

In September HD Forest held another investment field trip for potential investors in Latvia and in Estonia. It was a two-day trip to the Baltics: one day in Latvia and one day in Estonia.

During the days we saw different properties for sale, different types of forest management activities (reforestation, afforestation, harvesting etc.). HD Forest gave a general overview of the Baltic States, the property market and buying process; organised a visit to a local forest industry and informed about company establishment. So, HD Forest gave all participants a good understanding of how to be successful in the Baltic States!

/Files/Images/hdforest-forest work.jpg Forest work

HD Forest is organising field trips for potential investors twice a year.

Here are some reasons why to participate and invest in forests in the Baltic States:

1. Get a quick overview of investment potentials in the Baltic States - see the potentials with your own eyes.

2. During the field trips the following are shown: forest properties (what are for sale and what are being managed by HD Forest), visit to a local forest industry, information about markets and the buying process etc.

3. Have a chance to ask questions directly to the local HD Forest foresters, managers.

4. The price each hectare in the Baltic States is considerably lower than is the case in Northern Europe and the investments are providing long-term and stable return and the risk is low.

For more information

Visit our website - http://www.hdforest.com/field-trips

E: nigul@hdforest.com or mort@hdforest.com

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