One-stop-shop CO2 compensation

How do you get competent forest management and CO2 compensation in a combined solution? We have visited the ingredient manufacturer Palsgaard to hear how they have approached it.

To make a positive difference for the climate and at the same time achieve a stable economic return. This is the goal of more and more companies choosing to invest in and raise forest in the Baltics through HD Forest. In a new video we have visited the ingredient manufacturer Palsgaard, which has achieved the last bit of their goal of becoming climate neutral by planting new forest, and the employees from HD Forest, who are well on their way to putting the forest plants in the ground.

See how it went in the video here:

Read more about the project here:
Is your company considering forest investment as CO2 compensation?
Read more here: https://www.hdforest.com/reasons-to-invest
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