Investment properties

Investing with HD Forest means buying actual Baltic forests for sale. There is usually a lot of activity on the market, which is an advantage when entering the investment.

Below you can see a small selection of our current forest properties available for investment. This list is updated regularly. Contact us to hear about all of our investment opportunities, as there is typically many options

What affects forest pricing in the Baltics?

Price on Baltic forest can vary a lot between properties. In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania forests are primarily priced according to the value of the current timber stock as well as the general growth potential. Overall the prices are noticeably lower compared to other countries of northern Europe.

Other parameters influencing the forest pricing are geographical aspects like proximity to harbor, industry or neighboring countries affecting the market.

Spread of risk

A forest investment at HD Forest typically consists of several geographically spread forest properties: This minimizes the investment risk, if a nature catastrophe should happen: Local wild fires or insect attacks probably won’t affect your entire forest investment, when your forest properties are spread across one or more Baltic countries.

Why invest in Baltic forestry?

There are loads of good causes to buy forests in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We have mentioned a couple of them here including relatively low pricing and the low risk. Other advantages include full investor control and flexibility as well as the prospects of a better future. You can learn more about the reasons to invest with HD Forest by visiting our page dedicated to explain the advantages to you here.

The investment adviser and Baltic forestry

Gustav D. Lassen has advised investors for decades. More than 20 years ago he decided to invest in Latvian forests himself and has not regretted it ever since. On the contrary he finds that investing in Baltic forestry has been a valuable asset to have in his portfolio. Find out why, by reading the article about the investment adviser who invested in forest.