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HD Forest celebrates 25 years of forest investments in the Baltics

Low risk, high returns, sustainable forest management, and local knowledge is the foundation for the success.

We are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary in the Baltics. Since its establishment in 1998, HD Forest has been focused on the significant potential within the forest sector in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This milestone is a testament to the importance of forest investments in the region.

From the beginning, HD Forest has emphasized the employment of local staff with knowledge of the conditions in the three countries and collaboration with local partners for the same reasons. This means that even though HD Forest is based in Denmark, it has been able to benefit from local expertise and networks that have only grown over the years.

"We are incredibly pleased to celebrate 25 years in the Baltics. We appreciate the high standards of forest management and the nature-oriented approach adopted by our Baltic partners. This not only creates a sustainable forest industry but also a favorable investment platform for our investors. They have benefited from the low risk and attractive returns that forest investments in the Baltic countries offer," says Morten Thorøe, CEO of HD Forest.

Today, HD Forest manages over 100,000 hectares of forest in the Baltics for investors, including pension companies, various types of funds, and private investors.

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After the financial crisis in 2007, all markets worldwide were affected, but thanks to a willingness for reform in the Baltic countries, forest investments became an attractive business, which has been, explains CFO at HD Forest, Reda Velde, who has been with the organization since 2006:

- Our transparent, fast, and flexible government reforms at both the state and tax system levels in the Baltic region have created confidence among potential investors in Western countries. This approach, shared by the government, companies, and various businesses, has successfully attracted foreign investments.

No losses for investors

Forest investments in the Baltic countries are primarily characterized by low risk. Over the years, HD Forest has made efforts to carefully select forest areas that meet strict criteria for sustainable forest management—considering ecological, social, and economic factors—for long-term investments. This has resulted in minimizing the risk for investors.

The Baltic countries also offer attractive returns on forest investments. HD Forest has closely followed the development and growth of the forest sector in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and has consistently achieved attractive returns for its investors. The region has been recognized as a profitable market for forest products, attracting investors from around the world.

These factors have resulted in none of HD Forest's investors experiencing losses on their forest investments in the Baltics. This is not only due to the meticulous selection process but also because the Baltic countries have established high standards for forest management. The forest industry in the Baltics is rooted in sustainable forest management, placing great emphasis on nature conservation and achieving a balance between economy and the ecosystem. This practice has not only contributed to the preservation of Baltic forests but has also created a favorable investment platform with low risk and high returns.

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In HD Forest, we are proud of our role as a pioneer in forest investments in the Baltics and look forward to continuing our commitment to the region. We have established strong partnerships with local authorities, the forest industry, and other stakeholders to ensure long-term success.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, we wish to thank all the collaborators and investors who have contributed to our success in the Baltics. We are looking forward to continuing to create value and contribute to the development of the forest sector in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

HD Forest is part of Hedeselskabet, an organization that has been involved in afforestation for over 150 years.

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