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Why invest in the Baltic States and choose HD Forest as your partner?

We are glad to announce, that our next field trip to the Baltic States for potential investors will be in Latvia and in Lithuania, on 30th May to 1st of June 2023. Second field trip will be held in the second half of the year (Latvia, Estonia), in September.

During the 3-day trip HD Forest will show a variety of properties for sale; introduce different types of forest management activities; participants will get an overview of Baltic timber markets and buying process, company establishment; there will also be two timber factory visits: Juodeliai Pallet factory and ZAZA timber factory etc.

Having an interest in investing in the Baltic States, but don’t have full overview of the market and the possibilities to be successful - register for the next planned field trip https://da.surveymonkey.com/r/fieldtrip2023 and take the advantage and ask HD Forest specialists, who have years of experience.

Why invest in the Baltic States and choose HD Forest as your partner?

Why invest?

  1. Price per hectare in the Baltic States is considerably lower than is the case in Northern Europe and the investments are providing long-term and stable return.
  2. Investment risk is low due to relatively small plots, resulting in minimizing the risks of natural storms, windthrow’s, fires etc.
  3. Stands are regenerating successfully by nature.
  4. Geographic location and logistics are good for timber sales.
  5. Modern timber industry.
  6. Electronic notary system ensures transparency of property ownership and notary deals can be carried out via web in all cases.
  7. Strict forest law is ensuring sustainable forest management.
  8. Certified forests PEFC, FSC, SBP.
  9. Etc.

Why choose HD Forest as your partner and why participate at field trips for potential investors?

  1. HD Forest has more than 25 years of practise in the Baltic States; 80 + clients (~ 100 000 ha under management); full service: business setup->building up portfolio-> management of portfolio-> exit.
  2. HD Forest's strong position gives more flexibility on negotiations with timber industries and contractors.
  3. Organized field trips are creating an opportunity to get quick and comprehensive overview of the investment potentials in the Baltic States during the few days' visit.
  4. Participation gives a great chance to see with your own eyes how HD Forest is managing forest properties; to see properties that are for sale; visit local industries; get an overview of the Baltic timber market; get an overview of buying processes and company establishment and much more.

See more on our homepage: https://www.hdforest.com/field-trips

Or ask:

Morten Thorøe, Director, P: +45 60 60 56 49, E: mort@hdforest.com

Kristi Nigul, Client Relation Manager, P: + 372 5800 3362, E: nigul@hdforest.com


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