Plans for new bio-coal plant in Estonia

Baltania OÜ, a torrefied bio-coal pellet producer is planning an industrial-scale torrefaction bio-coal plant in Vägari, Estonia. The investment of approximately EUR 45 million will be funded by Momentum Capital together with other investors and financial institutions.

With the idea of supplying clean energy to utility companies in Nordic countries and Central Europe, the bio-coal plant will rely on a torrefaction technology developed by the Dutch company, Clean Electricity Generation (CEG). The goal is to produce and process approximately 160,000 tonnes of torrefied bio-coal pellets per annum. The bio-coal pellets will be produced from woody biomass sourced in Estonia.


Although the process is similar to charcoal production, "it takes place in a much lower temperature environment that requires less exotic and less expensive materials, which results in biofuels with more favorable combustion properties, better mechanical and storage properties, and higher energy density," CEG states on its website.

The company expects that its plant helps revitalize the town of Vägari by creating at least 30 jobs in production, 300 jobs in harvesting and logistics, and more than 200 temporary jobs during the construction phase. The plant is expected to use some 400,000 m3 of woody biomass annually.

For more information; http://baltania.ee/

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