Latvian peat and forest fire is being contained

Latvian peat and forest fire is being contain

Latvian peat and forest fire is being contain

HD Forest properties not effected by the fire

Latvian fire fighters have been working for about three days to contain and extinguish a wildfire in Talsi Region in Western Latvia. The fire has effected more than 500 ha of peat bogs and forest in the area. The fire effects no HD Forest managed properties.

As in the rest of Northern Europe, the summer has been unusually warm and dry in the Baltics and the risk of fire is therefore increased. The level of forest fires is, however, nowhere near the situation in Sweden where an estimated 25.000 ha of forest is currently burning.

Compared to the Sweden, the risk of forest fires are lower in the Baltics due to the higher degree of mixed stands, higher content of broadleaved species in the forest and a mixed landscape of forest and agriculture. Furthermore, it is our impression that even though the summer has been dry in the Baltics is has not been as dry as in Sweden.

The forest fires in Sweden will most likely have an impact on the timber market also in the Baltics during the second half of the year. The overall harvest level is reduced in Sweden due to the high risk of fire. Furthermore, a lot of the timber on the burned forest will not be usable for the industry, which will have to turn to other sources for their raw material.

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