HD Forest Director with international experience

With professional experience in both forestry and forest investments Morten Thorøe’s vison is to make HD Forest the best independent forest management company for European investors in the Baltics – both financially and environmentally.

Morten Thorøe began as the new Director of HD Forest in April 2022.

“Working both in Denmark as well as in different European countries has given me international experience in forestry, certification systems and forest investments that I can really make use of in this job.”

With 48 years of life experience has been employed in a number of organizations related to forestry since he educated with a master degree in Forestry from the University of Copenhagen.

Morten Thorøe has a versatile profile due to his many diverse positions in the forest industry: He has worked with forest investments through his job at the forest investment company Global Forest A/S, where he was a member of the board. Here he advised clients on investment decisions and was responsible for financial reporting. He has also worked as forester in Denmark, Scotland and Germany managing private forest properties.

“I think it’s an advantage for me to have seen the investment aspects from the other side of the table, as I have attained knowledge about investments from start to exit,” he points out and continues:

“My time as forester has given me important insights into practical forest management in different environments of Northern Europe: Basic forestry know-how that I use every day.”

After a short stop in Copenhagen as Forest Expert for the Danish Forestry Association, he traveled to Bruxelles to become Secretary General of the Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF). Here he represented the interests of a diverse range of forest owners throughout Europe.

For six years he was then Executive Secretary for PEFC Denmark, working with certification of forests. Relevant expertise at HD Forest, where all managed forests are certified by either FSC or PEFC. Morten Thorøe is thus aware of different bottom lines:

“The best return of an investment is not only the financial return. It is the long term return that counts - both financially and environmentally.”

The new Director has ambitious visions for the company:

“Our goal is to develop HD Forest to the best independent forest management company in the Baltics: We want to provide our clients with exquisite service and make sure they have the highest possible return on their investment.”

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