Happy New Year! HD Forest wishes a successful year to everyone

New year, new article. Forest management, forestry overall is a very versatile area and there is always something to write about. Therefore, HD Forest is trying to bring out the important news about forestry for our current and future customers. Reader’s thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!
First article of the year is a more general view of forest ownership. 

It is safe to say that every forest owner story of becoming a forest owner is different. There are several ways to become a forest owner – inheritance, gift, investment and so on. Knowing the potential of the property also varies among owner to owner. So, it is not unusual to see, that the owned forest property has stood untouched/unmanaged for years or even decades. Reasons are simple: it is not a priority, lack of knowledge, lack of interest, forest owners do not know where to turn for getting advice etc. Often can be heard phrases “we used to go berry picking with grandmother in the family forest and since childhood we haven’t been there anymore or I have been on my forest property, but I do not know what to do there – is there a need to do anything at all, trees are growing themselves?” These are quite common thoughts from the people, who are not familiar of forest management. 

We should consider forest as a living organism, what needs attention from the owner to be healthy and for giving something back. Of course, there are different visions of the property:
  1. Forest as a place for picking berries, running, hiking etc.
  2. Forest as an investment (long or short)
  3. Forest as gathering firewood for heating the house etc.
  4. Forest as an …
Each person has a different understanding of the forest property, depending how the property was acquired, forest owner knowledge, forest owner interests and needs - does forest owner has a history with the given property (inheritance, childhood) etc.

The forest management process is long and versatile, where the best values are achieved through thoughtful and forward-looking solutions. Quite often private forest owners don’t have enough knowledge of the management and here it would be helpful to be in contact with specialists – like HD Forest. They will advise you and show the longer vison/perspective of the forest property. In the Baltic States HD Forest is managing over 100 000 hectares of forest land on behalf of our clients. We are able to advise our clients in various areas: forestry, agriculture, land improvement, marketing etc. Need more information, please contact us via email or phone. Our contacts are found here: http://www.hdforest.com/contact

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