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Estonia fire hazard


The Rescue Board has declared additional restrictions first and foremost concerning activities in the forest after a period of high fire hazard across Estonia due to dry and hot weather.

People are forbidden to smoke, use grilling devices, build a fire, and use any kind of open fire in the forest and on the terrain, including places prepared for these activities like the campfire sites. People should also avoid driving motor vehicles in the nature. Cars should be parked on a non-flammable ground.

The Rescue Board and the Police and Border Guard Board are about to start carrying out joint patrols at campfire sites and swimming spots. They will pay heightened attention to people’s safe behavior both at bodies of water as well as in the nature. The Police and Border Guard Board also have a helicopter in a state of heightened readiness for responding immediately to smaller events.

The Rescue Board will take all necessary precautions to avoid any fire and are prepared if something should happen.  

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