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New technologies – future use of wood


What will we use wood for in the future? Technology and economy is pushing the limits for new use of wood fiber as the two recent news illustrate:


On 4 June, StoraEnso opened a new facility in Halmstad, Sweden for production of wood-based bio-composites. The factory represents and investment of 12 million EUR by StoraEnso into the production of composites under the name Durasense where up to 60% of the plastic is replaced by wood fibers. According to StoraEnso, the bio-composite lowers the carbon footprint of the product with up to 80% vs. virgin polymers.


Around the same time, Aalborg University and the company Steeper Energy announced that they have overcome a major obstacle in the refining of liquid biofuel based on the company’s Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) technology.

According to Aaborg University, the process will convert 1 ton of wood (e.g. from tree tops and branches collected after harvest) to 700 liter of biofuel for the transport sector. Steeper Energy is part of Silva Green Fuel, a Norwegian-Swedish joint venture, to construct a 50,6 million EUR industrial scale demonstration plant at the former pulp mill in Tofte, Norway.


Innovation is growing in the forest. It's not only a place where trees grow – it's where new ideas are taking root (quote StoraEnso).      


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