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All relevant news from HD Forest about our activities, prices, market updates, methods etc.

02-08-2013EST Kinnisvara commercial property and agricultural market update
02-08-2013Exploring the reasons for fluctuating birch pulpwood prices
02-08-2013Reforestation methods in Latvia
02-08-2013August update from HD FestForest MD, Felix Karthaus
31-07-2013HD FestForest staff visit to Denmark
01-07-2013HD FestForest presents at the Invest in Forest conference, Riga
20-02-2013Snakes, snow and sauna - HD FF have fun with the children of Metsatere
05-02-2013Estonian rural plots
05-02-2013New website for Estonian rural plots
24-12-2012HD FF Newsletter
04-07-2012EU commission Q&A document Russia wood export TRQs
17-05-2012KMS Baltics 'Invest in Forest' conference newsletter
16-04-2012KMS Baltics News April 2012
16-04-2012Market study: European pellet markets
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