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06-12-2017New requirement to disclose ultimate beneficiaries in Latvia
04-12-2017Scarcity of birch veneer logs in Russia
29-11-2017HD Forest standing timber prices November 2017
21-11-2017Positive persepctives for the timber markets
06-11-2017Latvian tax reform 2018
05-11-2017Estonian investors plan building biorefinery plant by 2022 at 1 billion EUR
23-10-2017New client portal and new login
22-10-2017Forest industry is doing quite well
18-10-2017Analysis of the tax burden in the forestry sector in Lithuania
19-09-2017100 + 30 mill EUR plywood factory investments in Estonia
18-09-2017HD Forest Newsletter - September 2017
31-08-2017Latvian imports of forestry products grew by 10.7% in first half year 2017
31-08-2017New agricultural legislation in Latvia
28-08-2017Record high forestland prices in Sweden
24-08-2017Yearbook of Lithuanian Forests 2016
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