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The timber processing industry in the Baltics is new and advanced.

Log markets 

The first large-scale commercial sawmill in the Baltics opened in 1995, and since then, an advanced and efficient domestic timber processing industry has developed in the Baltics. Good road network makes transportation of timber, from the forest to the mill, quick and low in cost. The high-quality sawn wood is exported globally. The HedeDanmark group trades over one million m3 of timber annually, and we are experienced in managing the timber flow to maximise strong market prices. 


Pulp markets 

Pulp wood is taken directly from the forest to the Baltic ports of Tallinn (Estonia), Riga and Ventspils (Latvia) and Klaipeda (Lithuania), where it is exported to Scandinavia. As an example, Estonia exports 560,000 m3 of round wood for pulp to Sweden every year and 450,000 m3 of round wood for pulp to Finland. There is also an asp pulp mill in Estonia, Estonian Cell, which opened in 2006 and consumes 380,000 m3 of asp pulp wood every year. 



Biomass production is heavily subsidised in the Baltics and is a growing market. The Baltic States are a hotspot of biomass production in Europe, producing more than 1.2 million metric tonnes of wood pellets every year. Graanul Invest is the largest producer of wood pellets in the Baltics, with six plants producing over 500,000 tonnes of pellets every year. In addition, a number of sawmills, including Estonia's largest, Stora Enso, have invested in pellet mills next to existing sawmills as a means of exploiting waste material. 


Birch plywood veneer 

Birch veneer is an important market for the Baltic forest industry. The end uses of the product are almost limitless thanks to its strength and include the automotive and shipping industry as well as the construction industry. Birch plywood manufacture has increased rapidly over the last fifteen years. Latvijas Finieris is a major manufacturer expanding across the region. 

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