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Balttic Landscape

Why invest in the Baltics?

HD Forest offers a seamless forest management service in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, enabling clients to develop a portfolio of quality forest properties across all the Baltic States. In terms of the forestland resources and timber markets, there is virtually no difference between the three Baltic States.


There is almost 8 million ha of forestland in the Baltic States (almost 50 % of the land area). The dominant species of pine, spruce and birch are of exceptional quality and comparable with the best in the world.


Upside potential

Forestry in the Baltic States remains an immature market, land values are around one third of the forestland values of their Scandinavian neighbours. An anticipated adjustment of land prices across the Baltic Sea is attractive to investors. See our list of upsides and downsides.

Baltic forestry investments offer attractive return due to:


  • Stable and predictable growth 

  • Capital appreciation from undervalued younger crops
  • Quality timber
  • Strong demand for timber from local industry
  • Low operational risks in forestry
  • Modern infrastructure
HD Forest advises on forest management, provides promotion and brokerage services relating to the sale of forest areas and advises on acquisition of forest areas. Annual returns may vary, and an investment in forest areas could lead to a loss of all or part of the capital invested. HD Forest is not liable for any tax consequences associated with investments in forest areas, and investors are therefore advised to seek professional advice from a lawyer and/or an accountant

Let's have a talk

Peter Vind Larsen

Baltic director

Peter Vind Larsen


Tax differences

There are some tax and legal differences between the Baltic States.

Contact us to know more.

Baltic forestry

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