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Added value

EST Kinnisvara OU is a real estate agent and trusted partner of HD Forest. Its core business is real-estate transactions - offering a comprehensive investment service, which includes; property, development, project management, administration and professional consultancy.


In addition, EST Kinnisvara provides a wraparound management service for HD Forest clients, which includes; adding value to properties by development of house plots and agricultural land management. 

House plot developments 

EST Kinnisvara is experienced in the development of 2 ha house plots on forest properties, the plots are then marketed and sold with planning permission. HD Forest has seen house plot development increase property values by as much as five times, although the values depend upon the location and the number of developments.


Agricultural land management 

Forest properties in the Baltics often include areas of agricultural land. This land can usually be rented out to local farmers or managed to gain income through application for EU subsidy. In Estonia, EU subsidy is guaranteed to increase until 2020. The historical trend has been an increase of approx. 5-10 % per annum. The rental income follows a similar increment to the subsidy. EST Kinnisvara manages all aspects of agricultural land for HD Forest clients with properties in Estonia: ensuring the maximum income for the land. In Latvia and Lithuania, the agricultural land is managed by the HD Forest team.  



Commercial and agricultural investments 

EST Kinnisvara is a commercial real-estate business, which provides a professional and accountable service. The returns on commercial property investments in Estonia are highly attractive, and the assets are cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. EST Kinnisvara offers expert agricultural investment advice: taking care of transactions and management. EST Kinnisvara's service is entirely hassle-free and its reputation is built on expertise and a proven track record of impressive returns and happy clients.


Forest property with house plots 

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Peter Vind Larsen

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Peter Vind Larsen


EST Kinnisvara

Please contact Joel Peetsu to hear more about EST Kinnisvara's services.


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