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A field trip to the Baltic forests!

If you are curious about investing in Baltic forests, but you don’t know much about the local conditions in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania or about forestry in general, we recommend you to join one of our yearly planned trips to the Baltics. Here we will take you into some local forests. This way you can experience the Baltic forests with your own eyes.

On the field trip we will also run through the investment set-up and how we establish your limited company in one or more of the Baltic countries, and you will be able to ask any questions you have or that might arise during the trip. Furthermore you gain the opportunity of connecting with other potential investors.

Learn more about HD Forest’s field trips here.

Make your own request

If the planned field trips doesn’t fit your schedule, you are more than welcome to request a trip of your own choice – both regarding time of the year and the Baltic country / countries you wish to visit.

Did you know

… that HD Forest is a part of Hedeselskabet - a Danish company with more than 150 years of experience in the forest industry?

As one of the oldest companies in Denmark we have all the knowledge required to manage forests in a sustainable and profitable way. Knowledge that HD Forest has taken advantage of, since the start as a Baltic offshoot 25 years ago. Now we have our own history and we consider ourselves experts within Baltic forestry, but we still lean on our Danish main organization.